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You get paid by how you think. Money and Meaning are both created by how you think, and you need both. Change your thinking, change the game. 

Who could you become,
if shown how?

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A simple question, that still leaves plenty of good people staring at you like they’ve never been asked it before. The harsh reality is that many and most have not been shown.  

We live in a time like no other. Complexity and change is the new norm. The modus operandi and status quo for many people is a subtly normalising death dance between mental overload, distraction and internal disharmony. 

Simply put - The world is awash with distraction, noise and bullshit. But it’s also equally rich with opportunity and potential for those willing to focus, grow and act.  

Which is why we’re here. Believe it or not, the antidote to much of the world's challenges can be found in people just like you. It’s the difference between being a creator or just a consumer. We all carry a part and leading role in the bigger game we must all play. 

What you get in Academy

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On a personal front

You can expect to gain access and develop the following: 

  • Your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, Standards 
  • Tools for Control, Calm, Confidence & Character 
  • Your Unique Performance Code & Personal Philosophy 
  • Uncover your specific unique areas of genius & biological strengths
  • Sleep, move and think at the next level

On a professional front

You can expect to gain access and develop the following: 

  • Strategic Thinking & Implementation 
  • Communication & Connection 
  • Mental Skills Training & Optimization 
  • Leading Self & Others 
  • Planning & Execution 
  • Mission & Craft 
  • Innovation & Creative Disruption


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ready to
play a bigger game?

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Everyone has another level, let's discover yours.

Take the solutions quiz to uncover the roadmap to your next level.